Sunday, January 6, 2013


This site has been created as a way to easily communicate and distribute information to all Marshall Public School elementary school families in regards to the proposed changes to the elementary school configuration.  This site is not "for" or "against" the proposed changes and is maintained as a clearinghouse for resources so parents can read as much, or as little, about the topic as they wish.

You can check this blog for school board meeting reminders, links to resources including articles, meeting minutes, agendas, etc.  We will also post meeting announcements for the parent group that held its first meeting in December to begin the open dialogue.

Please subscribe to this blog so you are alerted when new posts arrive.  This will be easier than maintaining an email chain and will allow others to join in!

Negative comments will not be tolerated on this blog and will be deleted immediately.  Please keep your comments civil, polite and on topic.

Thank you for taking an interest in your children's education!

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