Monday, February 25, 2013

School Board meeting TONIGHT

Don't forget there is a school board meeting tonight at 7 p.m. in Marshall Middle School.  Childcare is available on site if you need it!

While the elementary school reconfiguration is not on the agenda the 2013-2014 budget IS!  This is crucial information to have and to understand.  It will shed light on why the proposals are being made and what other areas are being explored.  A link to the agenda is HERE

There will be a time for public comment at the end of the meeting for non-agenda items.  If you wish to address the school board about the elementary school reconfiguration please make sure to fill out a request to speak form at the beginning of the meeting and limit your comments to three minutes.

We have received information that a more interactive community forum is being planned for March 20th (that date is tentative, but you may want to pencil it in now).  Until then we are encouraging people to read the red binder that is located in your elementary school office (it will be posted on this blog soon), do research online, talk to other parents and send your questions and concerns to your school board members!  A link to their email addresses is HERE.

See you tonight!

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